Private School Representation

Private school enrollment is growing in North Carolina and our firm offers assistance to local area private schools in an advisory or general counsel role. We can assist your school with drafting employment agreements, student/parent agreement, and handbook or policy revisions as well as with general liability claims/defenses, closing on equity loans or real property, collection matters and more. Please contact our firm by phone or email and let us know how we may assist your organization. 

Special Education Law

We have both personal and profession experience related to students and children with disabilities. Children with special needs face unique challenges for parents and navigating the public school system should not be another one of those challenges. We counsel our clients that hiring an attorney to advocate for your child should be the last resort. However, there are several areas where an experienced advocate may help. We can assist parents with IEP meetings, Facilitated IEPs, Mediations, State Complaints, and Due Process Petitions. If you think we can help you or your child please contact us by phone or email today. We will schedule an appointment and advise you on your best course of action.